Ambulance Stretcher PM-3H-WF

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  • t made of high-strenght aluminium alloy w/Waterproof foamed cushion.
  • Can be adjusted six different high position & surface can be used as carrying stretcher when it separated from main part.
  • The mechanical folding legs are controlled by handles on both side. Only one person can operate the stretcher when sending it to the ambulance.
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Unfolded Size :
191(L) x 53(W) x 82(H) cm

Folded Size:
191(L) x 53(W) x 25(H) cm

Self Weight :
39 kg

Load Bearing :
159 kg

Adjustable Level :
4 high level
Removable mode
Downhill mode

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Ambulance Stretcher PM-3H-WF