Promed Marketing Sdn Bhd.

About Us

ProMed Marketing Sdn Bhd was founded with the visionary foresight of it’s founder’s 20 years experience in the field of first aid and rescue supplies. ProMed envisioned a very dynamic and fast growth industry with ample room for development through innovative designs on it’s products. ProMed’s dedication and commitment through hard work has received positive response for it’s products and with this, ProMed has performed remarkably well in achieving excellence in obtaining international industrial standards on it’s products. ProMed’s future plans in medical devices shall be focused on more Research and Development to cater for the market’s needs and give more recognition to the industry.

ProMed’s Past

ProMed Marketing Sdn Bhd had a modest beginning with a small start-up beginning as a trading company in First Aid Kit, stretcher and light industrial fire extinguishers supplies. ProMed provide specific needs for sectors in transport, education, manufacturing, government, households in all our First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguishers supplies.

ProMed’s Present

Market has changed dramatically in the turn of the century with more awareness in safety, occupational health and the introduction of medical devices to detect, prevent and reduce mankind’s mortality rates through high incidences of health related hazards and traumas. Today, ProMed through it’s vision on better and sophisticated medical devices availability in the market has enhance further awareness in the field of preventive and predictable healthcare to many sectors of this industry. ProMed Marketing Sdn Bhd is ISO13485 & Medical Device Authority ( Ministry of Health Malaysia ) Compliant on it HeartSine Samaritan Defibrillator AED and has made this device available in all public and private sector in the country. ProMed Marketing envisioned a more dynamic environment where health and safety will take centre stage in the hope that with better and innovative medical device in the market, better and quality health would be enhanced.

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